Analysis Of The Poem ' Stripped For Parts ' Written By Jennifer Khan

1055 Words Oct 27th, 2015 null Page
In the essay “Stripped for parts” written, by Jennifer Khan the general concept she is addressing is how morbid it is for dead people and their bodies to be harvested for it organs. The way she starts the essay is by using a narrative approach, and the reason there is the narrative approach is for more effect of emotion to the readers. Her thesis statement that grabbed my attention the most was “Compared with such micro scare cures, transplants- which consist of salvaging entire organs from a heart- beating cadaver and sewing them into a different body- seem crudely mechanical, even medieval (124.)” This was the quote that best fit the essays perspective since it really brings up how it is not okay for this to be done to people. Khan uses all three authorities (Logic, Authority, and Emotion) by addressing different professors and researchers, a narrative approach, and multiple facts to convince the readers on her side. The primary appeal is easily Authority from the researchers and examples from different college professors in the text. The one that convinced me was the use of the anesthesiologist about his opinion and his other colleagues. Certain researchers are also put in to give facts about chances of survival in the near future. “Few researchers predict that human- harvested organs will become obsolete anytime soon, however; one cardiovascular pathologist says… we’ll still be using this a century from now (125).” What really stuck is when they said how much longer in…

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