Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' She Walks Of Beauty ' By Lord Byron

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Lord Byron’s poem “She Walks in Beauty” is about a woman who is strikingly beautiful. This is not a love poem because the speaker never directly states that he is in love with her. He uses unconventional ways to describe her beauty. He compares her to many beautiful and dark things such as the night and starry skies. In the first stanza he uses a combination of dark and light comparisons to underline her beauty. Her eyes are both dark and bright, and her beauty is like a clear starry night. The second stanza is a continuation of the light to dark comparison, night and day to describe the woman’s beauty. He describes her face as pure and sweet. In the third stanza we find out that she is also good and innocent on top of being beautiful. He uses the speaker, symbolism, sound, and rhyme to describe this woman’s beauty both inside and out.
The speaker of the poem is infatuated with this woman, and explains to us her beauty is because of her perfect balance between dark and light. He is attracted to this woman, but it is not quite love. He talks about the perfection in her hair, face, eyes, and how she holds herself just to name a few. The speaker describes this woman as if she is just passing by him. It is possible he could just be admiring her from afar, but you can feel his yearning for it to be more. He believes that she is innocent and she has nothing to hide from the world because the look on her face, “The smiles that win, the tints that glow, / But tell of days in…

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