Analysis Of The Poem ' Rush Home Road ' Essay

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In life people often become victim to the forces beyond their control. But, in Lori Lansens “Rush Home Road” Adelaide Shadd overcomes the obstacles beyond her control by using her Romantic Relationships and her relationship with Sharla Cody. Ultimately, empowering herself so she is able to fight back the monsters of the past.
Love is one of the strongest forces that allow Addy to empower herself. She falls in love and lets other characters empower her, as a result empowering herself. Riley Rippey knowing Addys past makes her feel loved and accepted. For example, Addy begins to think that she is a burden towards Riley but he reassures her that he does not want her to leave and makes her feel accepted:
“You remind me of my brother, Riley, you make me think of Leam,
That make you sad?
No. it makes me happy. Especially when you smile. Riley did smile at that and looked at her close face too, You make me feel like a boy, Adelaide. And here I am eight – teen years old,
So truly you don’t want me to leave?
Truly I don’t”( 201).

Riley makes Addy happy because he reminds her of her brother Leam Shadd. Riley makes her feel accepted by not wanting her to leave and by calling her Adelaide, not Addy. The name Adelaide brought back all the terrible memories from the past that were beyond her control. Riley knowing her past accepts her and shows his love towards her by making love to her. “Neither of them felt powerless over their actions, but rather anxious to con-tinue, prepared to…

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