Analysis Of The Poem ' Qiu Jin ' Essay

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On November 8 in the year 1875, Qiu Jin was born into a Chinese family of high society. Although she was born in Xiamen, Fujian, she quickly moved to Shanyin Village in Shaoxing, Zhejiang. As was common for children of her social class, her parents provided her with the best education money could buy. A lover of reading and writing, Qiu spent her days writing poems filled with beautiful imagery. Ambitiously, she dreamed of becoming a professional writer. Early poems depicted nature and were primarily about flowers and the four seasons. As she grew, so did the messages in her poetry. As part of her education, Qiu learned about Chinese history, and the female heroes and warriors she read about became subjects of her writings. Their courageous tales of strength were an inspiration to the young girl. Not one to underestimate the power of women, one of her poems begins, “Don 't tell me women are not the stuff of heroes.”
In 19th century China, obeying one’s parents was the cultural norm. If Chinese parents asked something of their offspring, the child must conform to their parents’ wishes or risk dishonoring their family. Understanding this key principle of her culture, nineteen year-old Qiu married the son of a wealthy merchant as requested by her father. In direct result, she became uncharacteristically sad. This period of Qiu’s life was dark and difficult.
Qiu found her new husband to be conservative, unoriginal, and rude. Her poetry reflected these sentiments.…

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