Analysis Of The Poem ' Prairie Fire Magazine ' Essay

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Prairie Fire magazine is a quarterly publication with the tagline “a Canadian magazine of new writing”. They operate out of Winnipeg and were founded in 1978 as a ’zine under the name Writers News Manitoba, then transitioned into a literary journal under the current name in 1983. It was published by the Manitoba Writers’ Guild from 1983 -1989, and since then has been published by Prairie Fire Press, Inc., a not-for-profit organization. It was originally formed to promote local work by Manitoba writers, but now publishes authors from across Canada. They publish both emerging and established writers, and have published work by the likes of Patrick Friesen, George Bowering, Di Brandt, P.K. Page and Daphne Marlatt. They are committed to engaging with the community through a student practicum in publishing, community events, and collaborative projects like the Boreality Project, a multidisciplinary celebration of Manitoba’s boreal forest. They recently published a bilingual issue, in which French pieces were published alongside their English translations, and another recent issue features photo-portraits of several writers alongside their work. The magazine operates with a paid staff of six editors, as well as an advertising and salesperson, one or two students, two proofreaders, and a board with eleven members. They publish poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, book and drama reviews, and occasionally visual art or photography. They aim to publish top-quality literary work,…

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