Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' Ozymandias '

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Humans have a perceived thought that they are great powerful begins. Humans like to think that there isn’t anything in the world that can stop them from living their lives. Humans seem to forget that there is a greater force more powerful than them and that force is nature. In the poem Ozymandias has many different themes, one of those themes is that nature will always conquer man and be in control wither in natural disasters or death.
Nature has been around longer than humans have been alive. When man was brought into this world nature had something else to fight against other than itself. An example of nature going against humans is the Ice Age. The Ice Age happened millions years ago when the world froze over and was changing shape humans had to learn to adapt to the changes that nature was making in their everyday lives. The Ice Age wiped out the Neanderthals, nature took over by making the weather colder and the resources for living were dying out. So, over the course of the Ice Age the first group of humans were gone. Another example is the earthquake of 1906 in San Francisco, this earthquake devastated most of the city population and buildings. In April 1906, San Francisco experienced a massive earthquake that took less than one minute to severely damage the thriving city. During this time San Francisco was a busy city with people populating from the California Gold Rush, when the earthquake happened it killed around 3,000 people and left 400,000 citizens…

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