Analysis Of The Poem ' One Sultry Summer Night ' Essay

721 Words Aug 24th, 2016 3 Pages
One sultry summer night, Mayson and I were relishing an enticing dinner containing fresh green beans, potato casserole, and pan fried pork chops. A silent exchange of words through the eyes was all we needed to changed everything between us. An intense feeling of deep affection, love.
As he swiftly came from behind me and engulfed my circumference with his arms, I could feel everything; His strength, kindness, and compassion were all so apparent in that moment. I knew then that the feelings I had towards Mayson were undoubtedly true. No more questioning my self, no more anxiously waiting till I get that right feeling, I knew my answer right then. Nothing could have brought us down from our utopian cloud in the sky.
Grasping the silverware, I turn around and watch Mayson line up the plates, glasses, and napkins perfectly, he looked up and smiled at me. His dimpled cheeks balled up into his eyes, a grin so full you could spot it a mile away. We were both so content and savoring every second we had together. Sinking my self into his eyes, feeling as comfortable as could be; I could perceive how he felt about me through his eyes, and I knew he could tell through mine as well. Through the eyes, you can decipher ones’ feelings, you can see the beauty in ones’ mind, and fall in love.
The house was inaudible, he clutched my hands and studied my eyes profoundly. It seemed as if in that moment everything went slow motion. Mayson’s eyelashes gradually batted over his glossy brown…

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