Essay about Analysis Of The Poem ' Once Upon A Time ' By Gabriel Okara

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In the essay I will compare about six poems that include with the poets to present memories of childhood. The first poem is ‘Once Upon A Time’ by Gabriel Okara, ‘Brendon Gallacher’ by Jackie Kay, “Hide and seek ‘ by Vernon Scannell, ‘Half past two’ by U.A. Fanthorpe, ‘The Schoolboy’ by William Blake and the last poem is ‘Laughter Rap’ by John Agard. All of poem the writers had written in the same way of abandonment and isolation in poems. So I will focus to looking about the abandonment and isolation with six different poets. Starter, I’m going to write about ‘Once Upon A Time’ written by Gabriel Okara. This poem indicates the changes a father has seen in him throughout his life which have been convince by the way society has changed. The structure can include opening and closing lines because in the first line of stanza one says ‘Once upon a time, son’ he used a fairy tale language removes us from the action and suggests a lack of reality. This also creates the impression that the positive features of the place are now gone and have been for a long time. Moreover the sound of started like advice from father to the son, and the end of the poem the father asked for help from the son for the example “How to laugh; show me how”
In the poem have similes for the example ‘how to laugh, for my laugh in the mirror; show only my teeth like a snake’s bare fang!’ means your teeth looks scary like a snake. Other similes to show are used to ‘like a fixed portrait smile’…

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