Analysis Of The Poem ' Ode Of My Toyota ' By Kelle Groom Essay

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Ode to My Toyota is a poem written and constructed by Kelle Groom that is able to relate to anyone that has sold one of their fairly old cars, and either has end up missing their old car and or knowing that their ex-car are in good hands (by the end). This particular poem is based on her 1974 Toyota that she is willing; does sell. In the poem Groom talks about the car’s appearance of how it’s practically crawling with insects, dirty beyond compare, and how it’s also falling apart from the inside out; in the making a reference towards the man that does buy her old car that is also falling apart from the inside out. She feels that her car has been one of the longest cars to ever survive without breaking down, even if the appliance within that car has been malfunctioning. When she sells the car she only gets a hundred dollars and sells it to her friend’s husband that has as many flaws just like her old car. She believes that after the man left driving away with her car for a few years towards the north (Michigan or Minnesota) both of them got redemption. She believes that once the radio had started working after a while of being broken, the man had gotten his addiction to cease and took medication for his other disease.
This poem is written in a slow and steady rhythm, like starting an engine of a car and slowly driving out of the driveway. With the use of long words and or broad vowel sounds such as ‘o’, ‘a’, and ‘ee’. There could also be a repetition in the use of soft…

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