Analysis Of The Poem ' O Me ! O Life ! ' Essay

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O Me! O Life!
When Walter Whitman wrote the poem “O Me! O Life!” in 1855, he wrote from the heart. He wrote for himself and expressed his own feelings. Not once did Whitman think that the poem he was writing would become a huge success and hit the hearts of millions of other people across generations. Whitman did not know that the words he was writing would still be significant to this day. What he also did not know was that his words would be so significant that “O Me! O Life” would a part of the movie Dead Poets Society which was an instant classic on its own. Both the poem and the movie are significant to this day for the same reason; they inspire us and give us hope. People across the world look for inspiration and hope through works like Whitman’s and movies like Dead Poets Society. That is exactly why they are both still significant today. Whitman was born in 1819 and saw the world a little differently than the rest of the people around him. He lived through the industrial revolution and never fit in with his society, Whitman believed that he was alone in a world full of modernization and industrialization. Most of Whitman’s poems celebrated humanities body and soul in a rapidly changing world. In 1855, Whitman self-published Leaves of Grass, which was originally comprised of twelve untitled poems. He later published a second edition of the book in 1865 which contained a total of thirty-three poems and a letter from Ralph Waldo Emerson praising Whitman’s first…

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