Analysis Of The Poem ' Mrs. Thomas Donovan And Elinor Donovan '

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painting whose description brought to mind a common stereotype about Africans as well as African Americans. The painting was called “Mrs. Thomas Donovan and Elinor Donovan” created by Joshua Johnston. The painting wasn’t the most expressive. It was hardly colorful. Joshua Johnston was charged with painting a picture of a high born woman with her daughter. In the picture the woman wore dark clothing while wearing ‘shepherdess’ hat. She held her daughter Elinor in her lap along with a bowl of cherries. In Elinor’s tiny hand, she held a cherry stem that has two bright red cherries attached to the end. What is important about this picture is what it represents. In reading the description, I saw that Camille Cosby added a piece at the bottom. In the short blurb she discusses the common perceptions as well as stereotypes connected with Africans and African Americans. She emphasizes two myths. The first, African Americans were not skilled. Clearly, this picture shows that African Americans were talented otherwise a woman who had a high social status wouldn’t ask for a painting to be done of her and her daughter. The second myth, African Americans were not educated. The media portrays the people of Africa as unintelligent. There is always a celebrity such as Madonna, Ben Affleck, or Christina Aguilera creating schools in the countries of Africa. There are numerous organizations like Building Schools for Africa or Build Africa establishing schools as well. This is not a bad idea. I…

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