Analysis Of The Poem ' Mid Term Break ' Essay

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Mid- Term Break Analysis
“Death keeps no calendar” is an old saying, which means death comes at no particular time. It may be quite unexpected by most and can bring sudden heartache to loved ones. In the poem Mid-Term Break by Seamus Heaney, it is about death and grief. The emotions in the poem are so deeply displayed that it allows the reader to be taken into the scene of the poem and to understand it from the narrator’s point of view. The title of the poem sounds like the poem will be something fun and happy, but as it goes on, one realizes that it is far from the feeling happiness. Heaney uses a consistent metrical pattern of iambic pentameter throughout the majority of the poem to help articulate the very unfortunate event that just took place. The author also uses various musical devices such as alliteration, metaphor, simile, assonance, and symbolism to successfully convey the narrator and the family’s sense of grief. Finally, Heaney uses irony and understatement to describe the tragic loss that the family it going through. The author combines all these poetic devices to share the tragic incident with the readers, while providing warmth and tenderness at the same time. Throughout the poem, Seamus Heaney consistently uses a metric pattern of Iambic pentameter to illustrate the moment of mourning and sadness in the room. In the first stanza, the first line is broken into five feet with each foot made of iambs. The second line of the poem is also iambic pentameter with…

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