Essay about Analysis Of The Poem ' Mad Girl 's Love Song '

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Final Analysis and Critique
The purpose of this paper is to take two different pieces, of my choice, and analyze them. The works could have been written or spoken based, but I chose to do mine on two poems. Research was done to discover what exactly makes the poem what is. I had to figure out things such as the dialect and the register of the poems.
The two pieces I have chosen to do my final project on are “Mad Girl’s Love Song” by Sylvia Plath and “Balances” by Nikki Giovanni. The poem “Mad Girl’s Love Song” is about a girl that feels like the man she fell in love with isn’t real, but just something she created in her own head. If he truly loved her he wouldn’t have left, or he would have at least come back so she tells herself she’s crazy and that he is nothing, but a mere figment of her imagination. He left her and years have passed away as she slowly forgets his name. She pretends that the world disappears when she closes her eyes and reappears when she opens them. Losing him has made her become unstable. She realizes how unstable she is and this furthers the thought that she made him up in her mind. Hence the title “Mad Girl’s Love Song” (Plath, Sylvia). The poem “Balances” can be described by its name. It’s about the balance of black and white, truth and lies, love and loneliness, etc. Even the words in the poem exhibit signs of balance. In almost every stanza there are two things being compared to show the balance in life (Giovanni, Nikki).
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