Analysis Of The Poem ' Lift Every Voice And Sing ' Essay

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“Lift every Voice and Sing” ,is the Negro National.Black people chose this song as the National Anthem because Weldon talks about everything that was done wrong to African American Slaves and how they always had faith in god and never forgot where they came from. “Lift Every Voice and Sing”, is a song about African Americans violent past and bright future.Weldon wrote this song to shine light on African Americans and their past to show people how determined and strong we are. “Lift Every Voice and Sing”, affects the whole black community by giving them hope when times are bad and help them understand what there ancesters went threw.The tone and mood changes many times during the song,because Weldon wants us to feel hopeful ,sad ,and thankful.In ths analysis of “Lift Every Voice and Sing”,the difference between “Lift Every Voice and Sing”,and “Lift Your Voice and Sing” will be explained. Weldon brother John Rosamond Johnson set “Lift Every Voice and Sing to music.9How Weldon uses figurative language to help explain slavery will also be explained.the main idea of this analysis is to explain how “Lift Every Voice and Sing”, affected people and how it changed people.In verses 1-4 weldon talks about everyone singing to be happy because the past is over and thier future is going to be better.

“Lift every voice and sing. Till earth and heaven ring. Ring with the harmonies of liberty. Let our rejoicing rise.”

These verses have the same tone or mood they give us…

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