Analysis Of The Poem ' Langston Hughes ' Essay

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Langston Hughes was a private, mysterious poet, whose sexuality became the focus of curiosity by his critics and readers before and after his 1967 passing. While there was limited scholarly works that accurately biographed his life, there was indeed a plethora of critical reviews and analyzations of his writing itself by various writers and poets (Summers 3). His work was different in that it mostly remained gender ambiguous and defied stereotypes about what it meant to be a man, a woman, straight, and gay. While Hughes never admitted nor denied being gay, his work, which included poetry, essays, and short stories, often referenced homoeroticism in subtle ways simply because “black identity was viewed as incompatible with homosexuality” (Summers 4). Some of the pieces that reference his work as a black man, but also as a queer man, are problematic in that they attempt to speak for this poet and distinctly categorize him as either gay or straight, while others strictly focus on his identity as a black man, denying the intersection of these dynamics. Despite the various aspects of Hughes that different scholars choose to highlight in discussions of his life and his work, there is no denying that he was powerfully influential in empowering gay black men, along with their queer communities, especially during the Harlem Renaissance. Hughes was born in Joplin Missouri in 1903, however, spent the first 15 years of life in Lawrence, Kansas with his grandmother (Scott 1). His…

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