Analysis Of The Poem ' King Solomon 's Mines ' Essay

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Racial differences have been a polarizing topic since the dawn of time. H. Rider Haggards King Solomon’s Mines was written at a time when racial divide between civilized dynasties such as the British Empire and African tribes were at their peak; and racial differences were often preyed upon by English writers. Haggard does not follow suit with his novel King Solomon’s Mines, the author takes a revolutionary approach to cultural stereotypes by depicting African characters as equals to white characters in several circumstances. King Solomon’s Mines, at first glance comes across as a portrayal of white superiority and imperialism over the helpless Africans, however when reading closely it can be seen the Africans are depicted in a more positive manner as the novel progresses.
The relationship between Africa and Britain is a strained one. Many negative stereotypes where formed about the African people over centuries of British explorers and missionaries traveling to Africa and bringing back wild, largely fictitious stories about its inhabitants, as outlined through Patrick Brantlinger’s Essay The Dark Continent. Brantlinger discusses how “the myth of the Dark Continent developed during the transition from the British campaign against slave trade” (173). Africa was the victim of British imperialism, for years Africans where used as slaves. Once Britain abolished slavery in 1833, they felt it was their responsibility to watch over the Africans and civilize the plains of Africa,…

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