Analysis Of The Poem ' Jubilee ' By Margaret Walker Essay

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“History is written by the victors.”

Most of American history is written, in a sense, by the victors - the ones who could read, write and record daily life happenings to transcend through the centuries. Based on a true story, Jubilee by Margaret Walker brings to life of the Southern United States in the 19th century before, during and after the civil war through different perspectives and unusual relationships of the characters.

Set in the deep south in Georgia, Jubilee is based off of the true story of Margaret Walker’s great grandmother, Vyry, the daughter of a slave and a master born during the Antebellum years. Vyry’s mother, Sis Hetta, dies at the young age of 29 with a total of 15 children, leaving Vyry in the care of Mammy Sukey and eventually Aunt Sally.

Margaret Walker gives an entirely different perspective of what life is like back in the 1800s - something that is refreshing to read. Unlike in history books, readers see through the eyes of a slave - in Jubilee’s case, we primarily look through the eyes of Vyry, but we also look through other characters as well. Some of the characters who play an important role throughout Jubilee include: Marster John, the master of the plantation Vyry is born and raised on; Grimes, the overseer of Marster John’s plantation; Big Missy, commonly known as Salina and is Marster John’s wife; Vyry, the main character of the book; and Randall Ware, a former slave who works as a blacksmith and becomes Vyry’s first husband.

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