Analysis Of The Poem ' Introduction Of Poetry ' By Billy Collins

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or most students, poetry is a complex subject that we all wish to avoid. As readers, we have to put in much effort to understand the vague imagery and complicated word play to comprehend the overall message the poet is trying to portray. Ultimately, in the end, we fail to actually enjoy the piece as a whole because we are too focus on over analyzing everything in the poem. In the poem “Introduction of Poetry,” by Billy Collins, Collins criticized this need to battered and torture a poem for its meaning when in fact it should be a slow but enjoyable process to go through. Due to this, he illustrates way in which poetry should be tackled. He was able to convey his idea through the usage of metaphor and imagery as we all as the structure of the poem .

One thing that stood out in this poem is the number of metaphor the poet used to compare a poem. For example, on the first stanza, the poet wrote “I ask them to take a poem and hold it up to the light like a color slide” (). Here, the speaker is comparing a poem to a color slide. This establish a strong imagery of person visually inspecting the poem, just like how you would do when you first discover a new object. By using the world “color slide,” the speaker is making a suggestion that as reader, we have look into the poem and try to see a deeper meaning in it. Just like how a color slide have many colors in it, a poem can have multiple meanings depending on the viewer’s perspective. There is no right or wrong way, people…

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