Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' Immigrant Blues '

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Anthology 1 – Immigrant Blues
In this poem, Lee is trying to explain the struggles of immigrating to a new country. He also underlines the importance of silence by letting us pause and contemplate many times throughout it. Along with that, he doesn’t force his views upon us, instead, it’s like his inviting you to converse with him.
‘Immigrant Blues’ talks about and explores an array of identities. The author does this by coming up with a number of titles for the story, all trying to define the experience of being an immigrant. Likewise, he identifies himself in different roles throughout the story; starting out as the son, then the father, and finally the lover. Finally he also questions his personal identity and existence.
The speaker displays emotions of curiosity and befuddlement throughout; he’s always asking and receiving advice from his loved ones. Although they can’t answer all of his questions, he’s giving as much information as he can to his child. Although the poem doesn’t have a rhyme scheme, it uses multiple poetic devices such as metaphors (“…second tongue.”), Anaphors (Repeating ‘same old story’ and ’at peace’), Rhetorical questions (line 14-16), personification (“…body’s greed.” “…heart’s bewilderment.”) Enjambment and imagery was also used during the entire piece.
I admire the use of silence, enjambment the use of questions in this poem; I as the reader is invited to question both the answerable and the unanswerable. I think the use of imagery is ‘the icing…

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