Analysis Of The Poem ' If We Must Die ' By Claude Mckay Essay

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In a fight losing or winning, all you have is your name that we were born to carried as our very exist before death comes. Our honor outweighs our senses of pride to the point we would take our last breath defending for our right. The author uses a variety of poetic devices to bring the theme that shows the qualities that make a man that defending his right to be treat as noble as a hero then an animal. An event that common among the community of peoples in the world to fight until they given their all from war, sickness, or anything in that nature. Even when the news is dreadful, knowing the chance of succeeding is not in your book. Our pride is what makes us human to address any challenge head on regarding what the outcome. That similar to the poem “If We Must Die “by Claude McKay a fourteen-line iambic pentameter poem that has a similar to Shakespeare 's poem with the rhyme scheme is the typical (ABABCDCDEFEFGG).
In the first four-line poem, the speaker willing to accepting the result of dying, but was not ready without honor like an animal. He tells his men that" If we must die--let it not be like hogs" (1) the speaker draw attention to the importance of the conditions that surround someone while expressing distaste in being slaughtered like a pig. The speaker carries the description of the hunting into the second line " Hunted and penned in an inglorious spot, " (2) their attacker surrounds them to taunt them with fear before killing them. The speaker addresses his…

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