Analysis Of The Poem ' I Build A Fire ' By Jack London Essay

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Analysis of “To Build a Fire” In a work of literature, the theme can be the main idea or hidden in the text and have an underlying meaning, which is stated directly or indirectly. A story can have a major theme and minor themes along with it. In Jack London’s short story, “To Build a Fire” the overall idea is having an expanded wisdom and experience can be more valuable to surviving than being young and confident about your personal insight. Even though, you may think your personal judgment is the correct way, having another person’s insight can make you more successful. Jack London shows this by using symbols and foreshadowing. In the story, it repeated many times that the man on the trail should have listened to the old-timer on Sulphur Creek that gave him the advice to be able to successfully take on the extreme weather. He only realizes this after he has faced the problems of not taking his advice and later learns the consciences. For instance, he realizes it would be better off not being alone, “Perhaps the old timer on Sulphur Creek was right. If he had only had a trail mate he would have been in no danger now.”(London 130). Since he went alone, all the responsibilities and tasks were on him to do. If he would have listened to the old-timer’s advice he would have had a greater chance of surviving since he was not prepared for the journey. Jack London uses many symbols throughout the story to enhance the mood and emotion. In the book, Literature An Introduction…

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