Analysis Of The Poem ' Hungerford Bridge ' By Katie Campbell Essay

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My interpretation of homelessness is, homelessness is a problem faced by people who lack a secure and affordable place over their head. Throughout the sessions I gradually learnt more about people suffering due to homelessness and what they did on a day to day basis. We read the poem ‘Hungerford Bridge’ - written by Katie Campbell, to help us understand the stereotypes that are used against homeless people and how the stereotypes contribute to the attitude towards the homeless society. In one session we had to explore the higher class people 's attitude towards the homelessness people. However, in the poem there was a sense of superiority due to the higher class member’s wealthiness power and the homeless person begging for resources. To contrast the two characters, in our group, we started off by using body language - to show the high class business man, we made sure the actor was upright with a good posture and chin up to show that his job had more value, than a homeless person 's need for necessity. In contrast to the higher social status actor, the homeless man actor was sitting against a wall in a slouched position with his hands in a cupped shaped. The idea of the actor using the wall for his support can create an atmosphere of neglectfulness, as the homeless man has been isolated towards the wall - due to some parts of society neglecting homelessness. We showed this using space by ensuring the homeless person was further away from the higher social status person to…

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