Analysis Of The Poem ' How Of Tame A Wild Tongue ' Essay

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In the essay “How To Tame A Wild Tongue” by Gloria Anzaldua the author touches upon issues like the division within and between languages and how an attack on her language is an attack on her as a human being. The author overcomes much adversity as she is not only prosecuted for her language by English speakers but by some people within her own culture.Her own mother had told her that without learning to speak English without an accent she would never be able to amount to anything worthwhile in this country. “ I Want you to speak English…….Que vale toda tu educación si todavía hablas ingles con un ‘accent’,”(Anzaldúa 35). Her mother truly believed in order to be a better person , a person with a future, she had to be “americanized.” Not only did she have to suppress her language but virtually forget it ever existed by losing every essence of it. It almost seems surreal that a mother would ask you to do that, especially when the author makes it clear in her essay that her identity is her culture and her culture is embedded in her language. She proves her mother wrong and later breaks through most barriers and becomes an educator bringing her knowledge of Chicano Spanish to the classroom, even though it was not allowed she taught using books written in Chicano Spanish and used articles in the language.She put her career on the line because she refused to let her culture die. Although Anzaldua provided some interesting insight about her culture and had me captivated by her…

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