Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' Hood '

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Perfume Genius’s track “Hood” is a song of intense complexity, as well as beautiful, simple tragedy. Perfume Genius, the stage name of Mike Hadreas, is a one-man solo artist, and “Hood” is the ninth song on a twelve track album called Put Your Back N 2 It, released in 2012. Hadreas is openly gay, and sexuality plays a large part in many of his works, “Hood” being a prime example, although not the central focus of the song. With various interpretations and subjective relatability, the true meaning of “Hood” is still able to shine through, especially with Hadreas’s use of rhetorical devices and artistic decisions that enhance the audience experience.
Rhetorical devices are used throughout the song and the video in order to help Hadreas get his message across in a unique way. One such device is metaphor, which Hadreas uses in the line “I tick like a bomb” (Hadreas 1). He compares himself to a bomb in order to emphasize the difficulty of keeping up his fake persona, and the fear that one day the bomb will explode and reveal what he truly is. The ‘hood’ that Hadreas refers to is also another metaphor, a reference to the illusion he creates and hides under. “Underneath this hood you kiss” (Hadreas 1); the lover is kissing a fake version of himself which he continues to hide under. Another rhetorical device featured prominently in the song and its video is repetition. The chorus appears twice, with the only verse of the song sandwiched in between. Nevertheless, Hadreas features the…

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