Analysis Of The Poem ' Honor Of Our Poetry Curriculum ' By Edgar Allen Poe

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I have now written five short stories, several poems, and three unfinished novels. Yet, my passion for writing has not waned. However, this passion did not always exist. The catalyst that ignited the fire was an assignment. Despite it being school related, this was no ordinary homework. “Class, today we write a short story in honor of our poetry curriculum” those were the words that lit the path for a future I had never dreamed. For that assignment is one of the best occurrences to happen, it let my creative side reign supreme in its own domain. Whoever declared what one learns in middle school does not transfer to real life, lied; Edgar Allen Poe will forever be in my memory, as my muse. Edgar Allen Poe, an American poet, inspired the assignment. He became my favorite poet within weeks of learning about him with his macabre descriptions, thought-provoking tales and twisted twists. All of his work intrigues me. Thus, when Mr. Eller, my eccentric eighth-grade English teacher, announced, “It must be a horror story,” conflicting emotions arose. On one hand, I never dreamed, considered or aspired to write a horror themed story, but on the other hand, I love the writer and sought to channel my inner Poe to complete this assignment. Which side won, the frightened side or the determined side? In the end, there was no real question; I needed to complete this assignment for a grade. Consequently, the week prior to the due date I struggled trying to create a story. “What should it be…

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