Essay about Analysis Of The Poem ' Hindustani Vocal Virtuoso '

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Hindustani Vocal Virtuoso

The artist I will be discussion in the following paper will be Meeta Pandit. Meeta pandit is a classical Hindustani vocal artist accompanied by tabla percussion and harmonium aerophone instruments. The event took place in the Music Building. Before attending the performance I expected Meeta Pandit’s music to be like the type of music one associates with Bollywood culture, upbeat with various dance numbers. However, I obviously didn’t know much about Indian music and the genres that were considered pop versus Indian classical. In addition, I didn’t not expect to find so much meaning behind a women’s simple yet intricate performance and expression.
One of the components Meeta Pandit utilized during her performance was the use of her hands. Meeta Pandit appeared to use musical gestures with her hands to signify different ragas or tones. Meeta utilized her hands as a tala for signaling rhythms to the table player. Furthermore, Metta Pandit’s hand gestures to me were telling or guiding the audience through a story. Which has great significance for foreign audiences to grasp what the performer is trying to interpret. For instance, I didn’t understand Pandit’s language, yet her hand movements appeared to be gesturing the change in tones in her voice which allowed me to draw a connection with the performer by understanding the moods that came from the alternation of tenors. The incorporation of hand gestures was a very important components to Pandit’s…

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