Analysis Of The Poem ' Head, Heart, And Divorce By Billy Collins

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Majority of people can relate to losing someone in their life that was close to them and having to let them go, whether it be in the form of failed love or death. In the process of coping after a loss there are many different emotions and thoughts that an individual can be overwhelmed with. In the two poems, Head, Heart by Lydia Davis and Divorce by Billy Collins the poets’ examine the similar concept of losing someone and being faced with letting them go but the forms the poets choose to express their ideas are very different. These differences may be accounted by the fact that Collins’s form consist of figurative language to express losing and letting go of someone you love in the form of a significant relationship. Meanwhile, Davis’s form has a combination of aural qualities to express the common heartache felt by individuals when they lose someone to death and must move on.
Divorce and Head, Heart have similar content because they have the same subject of losing someone, corresponding theme of life will go on after losing someone, and an identical subgenre of lyric free-verse. In both poems the speakers express their understanding that life is full of changes and losing someone is only part of the circle of life. The speaker in Collins’s poem uses the line “Once, two spoons in bed, now tined forks” to achieve this purpose. On the other hand, the speaker in Davis’s poem uses the line “You will lose the one you love. They will all go. But even the earth will go, someday”…

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