Analysis Of The Poem ' Half A Day ' Essay

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Half a Day and Zaabalawi Najib Mahfuz was born in Cairo in 1911. Mahfuz is a 1988 Nobel Prize winner in literature, by displaying artistic, cultural, and structure through his writing. Mahfuz uses symbols and hidden messages in his writing to make the reader search for the true meaning be hidden them. Two of Mahfouz stories show his rage of creativity, Half a Day and Zaabalawi. In these two short stories, he shows great examples of his culture through time and religion. In Half a Day, Mahfuz explains the value of time through a school day. Zaabalawi is a story about a man searching for a supreme being. Both shorts stories are mostly straight forward and to the point but the symbols and message in the stories grabbed my attention as a reader. These allegorical tales of Mahfouz short stories Half a Day and Zaabalawi is meant to provide an allegorical approach to the story which symbolizes hidden messages throughout the two short stories. Half a Day is a story about a child 's experiences at school. It also explains the value of time, age and maturity. In the beginning its starts off as a child then later on in the novel he begins to age as the story goes on. My interpretation of the story is that life goes by faster than you know it. The narrator’s didn’t want to leave his father due to the changes he would have to face in school. It seem that the boy was afraid to step out into the real world. Once the narrator enter into school, he experience so many new things like…

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