Analysis Of The Poem ' Grenouille ' Essay

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Grenouille: An Ordered Mind Amidst a Chaotic World Readers of Patrick Süskind’s Perfume generally interpret Grenouille as fundamentally separate from other humans, as, unlike other humans, Grenouille has no smell. As a genius antihero, Grenouille has no love for humanity, nor does humanity like Grenouille. Grenouille’s revulsion towards chaos and love for order initially alienate him from humanity, but ultimately these allow him to ascend beyond humanity. Because Grenouille does not fit with the smelly chaos characteristic of humans, even as a small child, society fears and avoids him. Süskind describes the stench of Paris, stating that “there was no human activity, either constructive or destructive, no manifestation of germinating or decaying life that was not accompanied by stench” (4). Süskind conveys that nothing existed in Paris that did not stink; humans must stink just as humans must breathe— except Grenouille. Grenouille does not participate in the chaotic mess of scent that exists in Paris as the rest of humanity does, and this difference contributes to humans’ fear and avoidance of Grenouille. Süskind writes, regarding the children Grenouille grows up with, that “it simply disturbed him that he was there. They could not stand the nonsmell of him” (23). The children’s fear of Grenouille speaks to a larger alienation of Grenouille from humanity. Humans, even children, recognize Grenouille’s lack of scent as evidence of his lack of humanity, so Grenouille grows up…

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