Analysis Of The Poem ' Girl ' Essay

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Significance in revealing the identity in “Girl”

Born the oldest and only girl of her family Jamaica Kincaid felt like her mother turned away from her at a young age. The distant relationship between her mother and her spark the theme for Kincaid’s works. On June 26, 1978, Kincaid wrote what is to be one of her most iconic works till this day. “Girl” is a one-sentence short story. Influenced by Elizabeth Bishop poems. Writing Girl helps Jamaica Kincaid find her voice as a writer. “Girl” was featured in Kincaid’s first book, “At the bottom of the river”, a collection of ten short stories. In the book, Kincaid talks about her expresses growing up girl in the Caribbean. In the story “Girl” through a mother figure Kincaid reveals the identity of a girl through her mother’s advice. Many scholars have their own view on how the girl in Jamaica Kincaid “Girl” reveals her identity.
Getting advice from older and/or wiser people is a part of life often it helps one fine their identity. Kincaid expresses the importance of getting advice in her work “Girl”. The voice of the story is a mother, throughout the story, she gives advice to her daughter. Teaching her daughter how to take of different responsibilities. “this how you sweep a corner; this is how you sweep a whole house; this is how you sweep a whole yard;…(Kincaid 576).Just like in every child’s life there is some adult figure who they look up too and coaches them through life. The advice was given to daughters very strict and…

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