Analysis Of The Poem ' Ghosts ' By Mary Oliver Essay

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Poetry is many things and has been defined in many different ways. Robert Frost has created the definition in which poetry is “a way of remembering what it would impoverish us to forget.” This definition has a lot of truth to it, as there are many poems which compliment it well. I will be applying this definition to three different poems and explaining how each of the poems fit Frost’s interpretation. The poem “Ghosts” by Mary Oliver is a perfect example of Frost’s definition. The poem’s context portrays the negative effects that have taken place during the settling and domestication of North America. This poem embodies Frost’s definition because it would impoverish us to forget the atrocious acts we committed when the settlers settled North America, such as the act of killing the Native Americans as well as the animals, and stripping them of their land.
The second to last stanza where it says “Have you noticed?/how the immense circles still,/stubbornly, after a hundred years,/mark the grass where the rich droppings/from the roaring bulls/fell to the earth as the herd stood/day after day, moon after moon/in their tribal circle, outwaiting/the packs of yellow-eyed wolves that are also/have you noticed? Gone now.” illustrates the repercussions of our actions and fits the definition of poetry because forgetting these outcomes, could lead us to repeat them, and if we repeat these actions, we will be faced with even more loss. In other words, to forget the suffering that we…

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