Analysis Of The Poem ' From The Journal Of A First Fleet Surgeon '

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To begin, I will explore how Worgan’s second letter utilises literary devices, allusions and symbolism to validate the noteworthy juxtaposition between the Europeans and Australians attitude towards the native landscape. This private letter, titled “From the Journal of a First Fleet Surgeon,” was written by an English naval surgeon George Bouchier Worgan, who accompanied the First Fleet to Australia. Written on the 12th June 1788, Worgan’s journal takes the form of a letter, addressed to his brother, Richard, covering the early months of European settlement in New South Wales describing his first impressions of the Australian landscape, their initial encounter with Indigenous Australian’s and the European’s suitability to their new lifestyle. The text has a straightforward connotation written in chronological order which not only reflects but signifies the Europeans misapprehension of the Aboriginal’s cultural, physical and spiritual connection to the land. Unlike his contemporary Watkin Tench, Worgan’s unawareness of his account going to be later donated and published by the Mitchell Library, unlike his contemporary, Watkin Tench, while still inherent biases are evident, it makes it more personally objective and reliable account as the reader was not on the mental radar of the writer. Low modality as this this is a reflective letter, he emotions are clouding his judgement, making him hesitant to come to a conclusion. However, it is written in a subjective and personal way…

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