Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' Fall 1834 '

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Fall 1834
Charity often thought of the old man and his words over the next several years, as she did her grandfather and grandmother. She made it a point to remember her Cherokee language, even speaking it to her babies in song as she nursed them. If she had known beforehand that her grandparents were going to die when they did, and if she had known that Tokola was her uncle, there were many things she would have said and done differently- she loved Henry with all her heart and other than her grandfather’s death, would not change a thing about her life since coming there. However, there were some days she just couldn’t get them out of her thoughts. She knew that wistfully looking back on her past would only hinder her appreciation of the day and usually tried to get out of her reminiscent moods as soon as she possibly could.
In 1831, when Charity and Henry had their first son, Henry and his father built a room onto the small cabin. A year and a half later, they had another son, whom they named John. The one extra room had sufficed, but now that Charity was expecting her third child, they were making ready to build another room to allow the family room to grow.
Nancy and Eli were very proud grandparents- Charity often felt that her babies were getting all the love and attention they would have given their own children had they not died during that horrible yellow fever epidemic.
Over the last three years, Nancy had taught Charity how to put together a good meal,…

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