Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' Europe And America ' By David Ignatow

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The American Dream, or promise of freedom and equal opportunities, is still accessible to all Americans because America rewards hard working citizens that can better their lives by going through pain and hardships to achieve success.

To begin, the American Dream gives all Americans an opportunity to achieve freedom and success, but citizens have to be determined to put in hard work and go through pain and suffering to accomplish it. In the poem “Europe and America”, David Ignatow explains how the father went through misery and torture, but fought through it to try and make his son’s life better. Throughout his life, the father faced many difficult challenges compared to his son, who explains that “While I am bedded upon soft green money that grows like grass. Thus between my father who lives on a bed of anguish for his daily bread” (Ignatow, 66). This displays the differences between the father and son’s lives by showing the agony and discomfort that the father experienced on an everyday basis and the comfortable and rich life that his son had. Also, Ignatow implies that the father 's dream did come true because he provided a better life for his son by giving him opportunities for success. In addition, this relates to the article “Is the American Dream Still Possible” because it shows how a family member went through jobs with hardships and poor working conditions and put in labor to pay bills, raise a family and give their children a start to a better life. Many…

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