Analysis Of The Poem ' Eighty Five Minutes ' Essay

1133 Words Jan 8th, 2016 5 Pages
Forty five minutes. What can an everyday average Joe possibly do in forty five minutes? Well, you can, one, engage in extremely productive activities by going outside, feeling the warm sunshine on your back (it’s winter in the Valley so don’t worry) creating couplets so brilliant that Phillis Wheatley can’t even compare. Ah, productivity… OR you can binge watch an unhealthy amount of stand-up comedy by the famous humorist Aziz Ansari while crying and trying oh so hard to forget that Vaughn’s persuasive essay is due tomorrow, and you have nothing but embryonic ideas in your head. How I chose to spend those 45 minutes last night, I shall never tell a soul. It saddens me how often people belittle comedians. Yes they can make you laugh so what? You’re not learning anything, really. Well, I beg to differ. As I was watching this entertaining young Indian man, it was like the clouds above cleared and the angelic choir finally sang. Aziz Ansari had spoken something along the lines of how easy it is for our generation these days. We are the least lonely people, and if we literally want something right now, then boom Amazon prime it and Fedex is already on their way. My mind exploded because before, I was always somewhat aware but not as completely aware as I had just become. He was totally right; we live in the era of technology. It’s everywhere, some of you are probably holding your phone in your hands right now! The effect of technology in our lives is beyond words. For this…

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