Analysis Of The Poem ' Easter Wings ' Essay

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Throughout life most people will experience hardships. Typically, one’s religious ideas or faith in God while looking for hope or a sign of encouragement affects how one handles hardships. George Herbert’s poem “Easter Wings” is a famous example of a “shape poem” which includes a theme that correlates to the literal shape of the poem. Herbert created a poem shaped as wings with his main topic being religious based. He focused on God, despair, and hope for the human race by giving the famous example of Adam in the Garden of Eden and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He also provides a literal shape to the poem to further enhance his religious massage of the human race, its imperfections, and the chance of redemption through Jesus Christ. According to St. Rosemary Education Institution, “Herbert also used huge amounts of mental imagery so that the reader can find new truths and meanings each time he or she reads it. The poem tells of the poets desire to fly with Christ as a result of Jesus’ sacrifice, death and resurrection.” Herbert utilizes two different stanzas to make his point. The first stanza begins with his description of how human beings make mistakes and are sinful. For example, “ Lord, who created man in wealth and store, / Though foolishly he lost the same, / Decaying more and more” (Herbert, lines 1-3). He uses imagery the of Adam in the Garden. He lets the reader visualize Adam making a mistake as he eats the apple and losing all the “wealth”— Eve, food, and…

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