Essay about Analysis Of The Poem ' Dudley Clendinen '

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Dudley Clendinen, an award-winning author and journalist, he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS at Baltimore in November 2010. A former reporter and editorial writer for The New York Times, Dudley wish to share his experience with “Lou” as he called the disease, with others. I would like to think that I am very hoping person, so it might shock someone to study that death has a huge part in my life. Each death reminds us to be more courage and strong in facing challenges of life, it always admonish us not to 'give up '. These death can play a major role in a person 's life because no matter who we are or what we are, death is a fact that each and everyone of us need to face one day. So we need to step out from our comfort zone, compete and fight against our struggles and challenges to enhance the beauty of our life. In this short period of life, we all stare at success. Every type of success is very different, every road to success is very different too, but everyone’s route has one thing in common: hard work.

From my personal experience and studies, I came to a conclusion that; we must all go through hardship of some kind during our life, that is what make us humans. Can we imagine a life without challenges and tasks, how boring it will be? Challenges and tasks make us real humans, because human life is a mixture everything. A mixture of happiness and sadness, struggles and freewheel, and even challenges and walkovers. As a…

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