Analysis Of The Poem ' Did I Miss Anything? ' Essay

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How awesome is it to read another person 's work? It 's great! But it 's even better if the reader can fully understand each line that the author has written in the poem, each sentence of the book, or even each gesture that the characters do in a play. This kind of close reading is known as, poetry explication; this is a somewhat short analysis in which the reader looks for possible meanings and relationship of the words, images, and other small assemblage that the writer uses to make up an original poem. When the writer uses explication in his/her writing it is very effective for the reader to connect the poem 's plot and conflicts with its structural features. "Did I Miss Anything?," by Tom Wayman is a short poem about a student who mistakenly uses the wrong words to ask the professor what he/she needed to makeup for the day of absence. Instead, the student goes back to class the next day and asks the famous question, "did I miss anything?" And of course the student missed something that day, but to the surprise of everyone the professor smart mouths the student and says, "No" (line 1). With the author 's usage of four elements and specific poetic devices used in this poem such as: rhetorical language, diction, and structure, the poem becomes apparent to be a "metaphorical" ( tale about things rotating around oneself. Rather than a lesson to not miss class again and expect that things were not going to change; the students were still going to learn with…

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