Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' Death Love Story '

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Death Love Story
Blearily, Natalie opened her eyes. The blue sky spread out above her and the vivid color confused her. How did she get here? When she tried to look around a blast of white and darkness filled her vision. Pain. She came to the sky again. Sounds came to her and she heard the blasting of a car horn. The sound brought the memory back. They had been driving when another car knocked her off the road. She lost control of the car and remembered screaming her brother’s name when the car went airborne. She whimpered when she tried to move again. Where was Ben? Calling out for him didn’t work. Looking down she felt a rushing wave that distorted her vision. Blood and bone were twisted and lay all wrong. She called for her brother again. Nothing. When she screamed for him and got no reply, the world started to fade back. Details became hazy even as she fought to stay awake. “Hey,” a voice called to her. She opened her eyes and focused on a pair of eyes so dark they looked black. The voice called to her again and she needed to tell him about Ben. Nothing mattered but her younger brother. “Where’s Ben?” she begged. The man looked over then back at her. “He’s ok. A bit bruised but he’ll be fine. I need you to keep your eyes open for me, ok?” She tried to nod but the attempt left her breathless. “What happened? The car?” Sadly he replies, “You were hit pretty hard. You must’ve been thrown from the car.” What she heard him not say was that the car was totaled. She…

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