Analysis Of The Poem ' Dead Aid ' By Dambisa Moyo Essay

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1) In Dambisa Moyo’s book, “Dead Aid,” she explained that the lingering problems in Africa are caused by aid, which is given to African countries. She illustrated that aid encourages corruption, which corrupts civil society, then leads to lower-skilled infrastructure, and it undermines social capital. Aid also becomes a dependency for African nations. In Moyo’s book, she explained the reason why aid encourages corruption, which then leads to lingering problems in Africa. She argues in her book that 25 percent of world bank aid is misused. One of the examples that she illustrates is that in Uganda in the 1990s, only 20 percent of government spending on education actually made it to local primary schools in that country. Moyo further solidifies her argument by asserting that growth cannot occur in an environment where corruption is. She implies that corruption in some of these countries leads to worse development projects. When some of these governments with corrupted systems are given contracts to help their country develop, they then collude with others corrupt officials in the system to do the work, which then results in low-quality infrastructure. When other countries see this they will not invest where corrupt officials might take some of the investment money for themselves rather than actually investing that money in the country’s future. Not only did Moyo show that aid does not help the government for some of these African nation, she elaborates that Africa needs…

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