Analysis Of The Poem ' Damned Drizzle ' Essay example

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Meg used her hand to wipe the fog off the driver 's side window for the umpteenth time. Damned drizzle. She fixed her fevered gaze on the house across the street. The only light in the murky pre-dawn darkness was from the pale golden glow of the streetlight two houses down. She thought it made Eric’s house look like a watercolor painting left out in the rain; surreal and, perhaps, just a tad magical.
She glanced up and down the street, making sure no one was looking out his or her window and wondering what she was doing here. Everything was reassuringly dark and quiet.
Eric’s neighborhood was so different from hers. He lived in a mid-century modern house located in a rather upscale neighborhood. She lived in a cozy little condominium in an area filled with condos and apartments. Where his neighborhood was calm, secluded and quiet, hers was busily teeming with energy, even at night. She took a couple of deep breaths, attempting to match her chaotic energy with the calmer energy of her surroundings.
She peered at his house again. He was in there, just on the other side of those cantilevered walls. She pictured him in bed with the sheet pulled up to his waist, and thought about what his nude body would look like. She knew very well what he looked like in the three-piece suits he wore to the office every day. He was tall and trim, and she imagined he would have six pack abs narrowing into the vee of his groin, which would be.... She shook herself. “Enough…

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