Analysis Of The Poem ' Blink Your Eyes ' By Sekou Sundiata Essay

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The poem “ Blink Your Eyes” by Sekou Sundiata, an African American poet and performer, is about him showing his outrage towards racial profiling. He is trying to drive to go see his women, but there is something stopping him from doing that. He is pulled over by a policeman and he feels tension because he understands that there is a possibility he can be subjected to the law for doing nothing wrong. The policeman accuses the African American man of committing a crime just because he is black. He realized that his life could change at any instance just because the law is unfair to him. Racial profiling is wrong. Every human should be treated the same no matter what color of skin.
The poem starts by directly getting into the situation. It states, “ I was on my way to see my woman but the Law said I was on my way thru a red light red light red light.” Sekou wants to go visit his women but the law is saying something else. The law is saying he is a criminal up to no good. Sekou understands that his pigment of skin is not the best to have when the law is involved with anything. He feels that going to go see his woman is the same thing as breaking the law. He cannot do a simple task of driving to go see his wife because the law thinks he is breaking the law, running a “red light.” He writes red light three times indicating that he is being held guilty under the fact that he has done nothing wrong, but the law repeats that he is breaking it. The law assumes that he crossed a red…

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