Essay about Analysis Of The Poem ' Billy '

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McCarthy noticeably pairs the two time periods within Billy’s description as he views the Mexican countryside with its “ranges of mountains beyond the plain, range on range in pales of blue where the terrain lay clawed open north and south, canyon and range, sierra and barranca, all of it waiting like a dream for the world to come, world to pass …He saw the smoke of a locomotive passing slowly down country over the plain forty miles away”(Crossing 135). Billy and John journey to retain their youth, but become faced with the growth and maturity that they and the country will have to go through in the future. The locomotive that Billy notices in the landscape is a real “harbinger of the mechanical process” that Billy realizes is only the first omen of a future that will soon surround him, a future that will change Billy’s fantasy of an “untouched country” to one that “is quickly changing the face of the western landscape”(Bourne 111). McCarthy also uses the symbolism of the train in All the Pretty Horses as “John Grady, who has just lost his father, is interrupted in his mourning by a train”(Straumsheim 3). Once again the train “becomes a symbol of progress” and the loss of youthful innocence by John Grady and Billy. John’s desire of pastoralism is interrupted by the passing of the train that brings about “the death of Cole’s way of life” (Sickels, Oxoby 349). Just as a train brings you from one place to the next, the train brings the boys from youthful innocence into the…

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