Analysis Of The Poem ' Beowulf ' Essay

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Eight percent of recorded human history is peaceful, it is worth asking how much of unrecorded human history was peaceful. Since the creation of man, humans have been at war with one another. Our wars have been violent and quiet, however, almost always present. Conflict is observable within every niche of humanity, even within the walls of a classroom it is possible to find evidence of conflict, yet humans have not found a way to deal with it better than war.

The history of conflict stretches as far back as the beginning of humanity and can be observed in many authors writing. It is known that conflict is spread around the world and through time, as man has progressed through time. For example in the 8th century when an Anglo-Saxon recorded an epic that had been recited orally for years. The poem, Beowulf, is about some men who had taken land from a troll, and are now being attacked. Beowulf, a warrior, comes to the rescue of the men and kills Grendel, the troll and his mother. The epic is entirely centered around conflict and how the men MUST go to war for their freedom. Another great piece of work which exposes this ongoing conflict between humans is Macbeth by William Shakespeare. Macbeth is about a Thane who becomes greedy for the crown and murders his noble king in order to seize the throne. Instead of Macbeth working his way up to being a King or just simply being happy as the Thane of two regions he wanted to be king. He saw only way to solve his internal…

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