Analysis Of The Poem ' Beach Burial ' And ' North Country ' Essay

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Slessor’s poetry examines the truth in life that humans are fragile creatures using the powerful images of the dichotomy of the human condition and the aspect of Australia unique landscape. Kenneth Slessor composed the poems “Beach Burial” and “North Country” unveils the reminiscent images of war and its effect on people to allow the responder to imagine images of the coming of Australian life. The inevitable conclusion of time is death in Beach Burial while North Country captures the finality in the destruction and dehumanisation of the Australian environment. The poems use a range of techniques and features to convey the ideas.

Images of darkness dominate Slessor’s poetry in revealing the macabre images of the defeat of humanity and the futility of war. The use of onomatopoeia sends a shocking feeling to the readers about the reality of war “sob and clubbing of the gunfire” are the sound of war, capturing aural devices in order to hear the soldiers fall, the machine gun make sounds liking “clubbing” a never ending fire and assist to generate images of violent death and suggest that life could end at any moment. The ‘sob’ expresses the deep grief of the brutality of the gun and the lives loss at war shows life is cruel to provide no humanity for those who have fallen. Tragic images of Beach Burial are created with the loss of identity and the anonymity of the soldier in the words ‘unknown seaman’ shows in the descriptive language the result inevitably that war brings…

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