Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' Battle Royal '

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Battle Royal, is the story about an African American, on his graduation day wanted to give a speech. Unexpectedly, he ends up in a ring, blindfolded, to knock out his opponent. Surrounded by white men, an exotic blonde dancer, and whiskies. As he go into his battle, he is unprepared and evidentially he loses. As a participation, in a humiliating action, he earns a small amount of money, thrown at him on the floor. He was not any type of “negro”, he was the type the persevered with his plan in giving his speech, and in a daring act, with insistence, accomplished his discourse, which consisted in “social responsibility.” Subsequently he receives a scholarship to the Negros University (Elliot). Even though it has a happy ending, this story goes beyond a simple heroic act of social responsibility speech, not refraining on his ideas, and earning a scholarship. This story has embedded racism, segregation and humiliation that African American suffered, and in a shrouded way, still suffers.
Obligating this young man to participate in this white men entertainment is very unhuman. The men, did not care what so ever about him, only because of the color of his skin. The battle royal, originated in the seventeenth century, which consisted in an aggressive fighting, usually a duel between two or more roosters. The fight consisted in only one survivor (Ammer). In the story, this type of fight was an attraction for the white clan. A very repulsive type of amusement.
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