Analysis Of The Poem ' Ballet Slippers On Top Of The Tree Stump '

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After carefully positioning her ballet slippers on top of the tree stump, Becca craned her neck back. Point shoes outside were a big no no. The five-year-old rose up in perfect form and executed a jewelry box ballerina spin. With a final leap, she landed on the grass next to Cathy. “Ta-da!” Becca sang. “What are you planting?” Cathy removed her soiled gloves and turned to face the precious little girl. Becca was dressed in a leotard and a pink tutu. “Petunias,” Cathy replied. “You look very pretty today.” “Did you know I used to be a real ballerina?” With eyes suddenly cast in emotion, Cathy reached out to touch Becca’s cheek. She tried to suppress her pain by burying it deep inside, but the weight never went unnoticed. “Sweetheart,” she explained, looking warmly into Becca’s shining eyes. “You take ballet classes, so you are a real ballerina. And from what your grandma tells me you’re a pretty talented one too.” “No!” Becca protested. “I mean when I was big.” Gloria appeared and embraced Becca from behind. Luckily, she didn’t notice her feet. “How would you like to invite Ashley over for lunch today?” she asked, giving her granddaughter a peck on the cheek. “Thank you, Gloria,” Cathy approved. “Ashley would love that.”
As Becca squealed with delight, Cathy excused herself to find her five-year-old.
Becca loved two things: Ballet and playing with her best friend, Ashley. When the crisp Minnesota weather was nice, they…

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