Analysis Of The Poem ' Astrophil And Stella ' Essay

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Sir Philip Sidney uses his poem Astrophil and Stella as an outlet for expressing the way that his personal and public life could be felt as unfulfilling, while also sharing the lessons he has learned from this. Astrophil and Stella is a poem centered around love that can not be fully attained. Sidney’s personal love life and his public political life could be seen as influences of the sonnets as they both have aspects of being unfulfilled, but Sidney’s view of poetry might seem to contradict the idea that Astrophil is a reflection of himself. The complexity of people can oftentimes be felt in their writing, but when analyzing this same writing the complexity is often forgotten. This is how Astrophil and Stella should be viewed, a reflection of many influences, with not one single goal in mind for the literature.

Sidney led a life of an elite. Although he was not born into wealth, he was born into nobility. This allowed Sidney to experience the power of influence. He had a career in the court and ran with a crowd of powerful people. His writing and legend only were recognized after his death which is common, but when looking at his own life it seems that his failings and frustrations were not few. These come from multiple aspects of his life. His relationship with Lady Rich is usually cited as an inspiration for Astrophil and Stella, but also his public life could be as influential on his work. The opposing forces between private and public can be seen in the sonnets.…

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