Analysis Of The Poem ' Aritomo Ling ' Essay

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Aritomo proposing to tattoo Yun Ling/ In comparison to Duffys "art"
There are antagonistic undertones of using "needles as Aritomo 's primary apparatus to transact Yun Ling 's horimono, convenes the wider conflicts of antithesizing ideologies and motif 's presiding throughout the novel. Yun Ling 's angst and apprehension of the discomfort the needles will possibly inflict, is reassured by Aritomo 's analogy of likening the needle to that of a Paintbrush ("I will paint you"), he has therefore created positive associations such as creativity and subtleness with that of the process of horimono. Yet there still is a pristine, aesculapian, healing perception resonating within the context of the needles (commonly used during medical procedures), the disparity between the initial connotations of agonizing intrusion and the art form for which is tattooing. This juxtaposition of both anguish and healing is perhaps allegorical of Yun Ling 's antecedent aspiration in creating the garden of Yugiri, as a physical eulogy to her deceased sibling (Yun Hong), creating an artistic tribute in Memory of her sister.
Comparatively, in Duff 's poem "Art", Her use of "brushstrokes" is used similarly to connote the portrayal of body as art, where it is apparent Yun Ling is the canvas for which Aritomo "paints" upon, Duffy likens herself as the paint or "pigment" within her estranged relationship. The profound concept of a "chiselled kiss" presents the notion that something as natural as a kiss…

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