Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' Annabel Lee '

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Edgar Allan Poe created many poems in his lifetime about the how gloom and melancholy life was in his eyes. One of his most caring and important poem he ever made was for his dead wife Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe. She was his everything and this poem was made for the great change he experienced in life. Edgar Allan Poe use of repetition, metaphor and romantic elements helps create a tragic and romantic mood for the speaker which conveys his love for his wife even after her death in the poem “Annabel Lee.” He was never able to find asylum after this tragedy and died young and miserable.

Repetition in the poem help creates a remembrance and symbolism. One of the statements that are constantly repeated throughout the poem is “Annabel Lee.” This is the name of the speaker’s lover in the poem and it’s even the title of the poem. The constant repeating of her name creates remembrance for the character’s lover. That name is very important to the poem because it’s what the poem revolves around. When done reading the poem the name seems to be stuck on the mind. The was intentional as Edgar Allen Poe’s wife was very important to him and he would have liked to have her remembered. So the name “Annabel Lee” is supposed to be remembered. This romantic as he’s showing his love for her and how he create this monument to have her remember for their love together. Another piece of repetition in the poem is the statement “kingdom by the sea.” This relates to the setting of the poem and where…

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